Remote Perception: A Doorway to Expanded Awareness

Chapter Two examines higher-dimensional geometries including complex coordinate geometries which helps to establish a model that demonstrates the constancy of precognition, but may also demonstrate a relationship between Maxwell's, Schrodinger's, the Dirac equations and the structure of relativity theory in complex space...  

Discovering the Expanded Abilities of The Mind

The ongoing information in consciousness studies has raised new considerations among university researchers looking deeper for answers to our identity. The work of remote Viewing advances the remarkable conclusion that the human mind has the triggering mechanisms for an uninhibited global mind reach in nonlocal worldwide correspondence.


She has worked in the field of Nuclear and Astrophysics at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. She has been a consultant at Stanford Research Institute, for NASA on the Space shuttle and a delegate to the United Nations. She is author of more than 275 scientific paper, 6 books, and has 5 U.S. patents. Her main fields of research include: Nuclear & Atomic Physics, Biomedical Engineering & Geophysics Monitoring and Data Analysis.

Founders of the Academy of Future Science, an international NGO, and consultants in Archaeology, Social Science, Remote Sensing Technology and Space Law. Drs. Hurtaks have spoken at United Nations summits on environmental change and futurism, and are recipients of many awards for their films on consciousness evolution.


The role of Consciousness in Modern Physical Theories

J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D 

(U. of Calif.) (U. of Minn.) Social Scientist 

Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. Social Scientist 

The ultimate instrument for doing science, art, philosophy and all human endeavors is the "human mind and beyond," or CONSCIOUSNESS. This is the true essence of being and becoming! It is not limited to the town and has a fundamental property of non locality. We term some of the nonlocal attributes of consciousness: Remote Viewing, Remote Perception, and, in general, psi phenomena. Within this context are also such abilities as remote influences such as psychic healing and psychosenses (remote mental influence on matter) and precognition (acquiring relevant information from the future).

Elizabeth A. Rauscher, Ph.D.

(University  of California, Berkeley) Nuclear Science, M.S. Nuclear Eng., B.S. Physical Chemistry & Physics